Dog Lover Helps Feed 15,000 Homeless Animals

Idaho woman adopts a Dachshund and gets inspired to help other animals in need.

Christine Lodge adopted one dog named Frankie and ended up feeding 15,000 homeless animals last year.

The dedicated animal lover was inspired to help the Boise, Idaho Humane Society after adopting Frankie, a short-haired Dachshund, there more than eight years ago. She resolved to help the shelter raise money to cover annual food costs.

Lodge, who lives in Meridian, Idaho, met her 2006 goal of $22,500 through a program participated in by 4,000 people. The four-week fundraiser — “Feed Frankie’s Friends” — was organized with the help of a local pet-supply chain. Customers could donate to the fund at the checkout counter, and the company provided dog food to the shelter at a discount.

Lodge, who now sits on the shelter’s board, began helping the shelter eight years ago by collecting bags of dog food from former co-workers — eventually getting more donations than she could transport by herself.

About 15,000 dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits were cared for last year at the busy shelter.

Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, executive director of the Idaho Humane Society, said the “Feed Frankie’s Friends” fundraiser is a great help to the private shelter. “We always need money,” Rosenthal said.

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