Dog Left In Car Crashes Into Walmart

The owner had left her two dogs in the car with it running so they would stay cool.

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Luckily, no being was hurt in the crash. Via WSAZ NewsChannel 3/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Anything could seem like a good idea until one day it turns out to be the Worst. Idea. Ever.

Take an elderly woman in Wayne, West Virginia, for instance. It’s summer. It’s hot. She wanted to take a trip to her local Walmart and she wanted to bring her dogs. She, however, did not want to leave her dogs in the hot car. Instead, she left the dogs in the car with it running and the air on so they could stay cool, WSAZ reports.

Makes perfect sense, right? That is, until one of the dogs manages to get the car out of park and crashes it into the Walmart.

A witness told WSAZ that she saw the car moving slowly in her direction and then noticed that the driver was a dog, with a second dog in the passenger seat. The woman got out of the way and the car crashed into the building. The owner was paged, the dogs were fine and there was little damage done to the car and store.

We’re guessing the owner will leave the dogs in her air-conditioned home next time she wants to venture out to Walmart.

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