Dog Leaking Urine

Does your dog leak urine? The problem could be a simple one to correct.

Airedale TerrierSubmissive dogs dribble urine to send a signal to a much bigger and powerful beast (namely, you) that she means no harm. While most puppies outgrow this early-development behavior, some do not. After you rule out any medical problems with your vet, here’s the best way to lessen submissive urination.

Ignore your dog when you first come home. Dogs usually leak urine as they roll over during greetings, so ignore her to avoid the situation and reduce the level of excitement.

Don’t make eye contact or speak. Let your dog approach and casually offer her the palm of your hand to sniff. You can also toss her a treat, still without looking at her. The food will distract her from her quest to let you know that you’re top dog.

After a few minutes, gently pet her under the chin. Avoid petting the top of the head or bending over her, moves she may interpret as dominance.

Guests should also follow these guidelines and interact with your dog on her physical level. Ask them to sit on a chair or the ground during greetings and other interaction. This reduces the persons hulking size and soothes your dog’s anxiety.

Never scold your dog for a leak. Negative corrections simply do not work here. Your disapproving reaction incites more fear, which results in more wetting.

In the animal world, submissive urination is simply a form of communication. Learn how to redirect the behavior to curb unwelcome messages.

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