Dog Law Enforcement Bureau Gets New Director

The appointment is one of many changes since 2006 when Pennsylvania’s governor began to crackdown on substandard kennels.

As part of Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell’s efforts to crackdown on substandard dog kennels, the governor appointed Susan West – Dog Law Advisory Board member and former president of the Humane League of Lancaster County, Pa. — the new director of the Dog Law Enforcement Bureau.

The Dog Law Enforcement Bureau inspects kennels, oversees licensing, and investigates dog bite claims. In her new role, West will oversee the daily operations of the bureau as well as the state’s 59 dog wardens.

“Sue West brings to this role a broad understanding of the issues facing dogs and the important role the state has in monitoring the care and handling of dogs,” Rendell said. “She also has a great deal of experience with Lancaster County, home to 11 percent of the state’s kennels.”

In 2006, the governor implemented several changes to Pennsylvania’s dog laws as the state grappled with a reputation for having poor breeding operations. Since then, the governor has added a special deputy secretary, special prosecutor, and kennel compliance team to enforce dog laws. In addition, kennel records are now available online.

“We’ve reformed our dog law enforcement team, adding significant resources and talent, in an effort to help improve the lives of dogs in Pennsylvania,” Rendell added.

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