All This Dog Wants To Do In Life Is Play In The Pool

This dog had just arrived in Florida and immediately wanted to swim in the pool.

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"Come on, Dad. All I wanna do is SWIM."

There’s no better place than in a pool on a hot day. Or, if you’re this West Highland Terrier, any day will do.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Rumble Viral, a dog named Christy is just desperate to play in the pool. According to the video description, Christy had just arrived in Florida and went straight to the door to beg to be let outside.

"Pool water! Lemme out, lemme out!" Via YouTube

“Pool water! Lemme out, lemme out!” Via Rumble Viral/YouTube

She dances. She spins. She big-time begs to go outside and swim in the pool. And when her owner finally opens the sliding door to let her out, it’s like a bolt of sideways lightning.

Annnnd she's off! Via YouTube

Annnnd she’s off! Via Rumble Viral/YouTube

Christy makes a beeline for the pool. She doesn’t even really dive, since she’s running so fast. She just kind of runs straight into pool and enters the water mid-sprint.

Once in the pool, she doggy paddles around and around before getting out and jumping in again. You have never seen any creature as happy as Christy is when she’s taking a dip.

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