Dog Jumps For Joy Over Christmas Commercial

We know what he’s asking Santa for this year.

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Someone really needs a trampoline.
Cari Jorgensen

Have you ever seen a commercial and thought, “I just have to have that”? Maybe it was a cute jacket or latest tech gadget that you saw advertised on TV and added to your holiday wish list.

For a Boxer named Buzz, who doesn’t have the ability to write out his Christmas list, jumping will have to do.

In a video posted to YouTube by boxer mum, the brown Boxer is seen in the living room walking around with a television is on in the background. Buzz starts to leave the room when a commercial for United Kingdom department store John Lewis appears on the screen. Buzz comes running back in.

"Wait, is that my favorite commercial?" Via boxer mum/YouTube

“Wait, is that my favorite commercial?” Via boxer mum/YouTube

He watches, seemingly transfixed, with his tail excitedly wagging. The commercial shows a little girl running outside. Buzz is ready (this is clearly his favorite commercial). As soon as the screen goes to another dog jumping on a trampoline, Buzz jumps, too.

And… jump! Via boxer mum/YouTube

And… jump! Via boxer mum/YouTube

He waits until the dog appears again. And jumps again. And the process repeats throughout the commercial.

We think Buzz is telling boxer mum he wants a trampoline for Christmas. What do you think?

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