Dog Interrupts Cricket Game, Poops On Field

We’re pretty sure he was making a statement.

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And he's off! Via BBC
Cari Jorgensen

For some reason pets like to interrupt sporting events. First it was a cat running across the field during a Major League Baseball game. Then another cat found its way on to the field of a rugby game in Australia. This time it’s a dog who ran on to the pitch, bringing the cricket match to a halt.

The English and Indian cricket teams were playing at the ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium in Visakhapatnam, India, on Thursday when they were interrupted by a stray dog, UPI reports. He stopped the five-test series during the second test, while India was in the lead.

Security managed to chase the pup out of the way, but he returned shortly thereafter. And promptly stopped to poop. We’re guessing he really wanted to join in the game but was upset he got chased away so he chose to show his displeasure over everything. Or he just thought he’d found an amazing giant toilet.

Listen to the commentary here:

Someone threw a shoe at the dog (not cool, man), to get it off the pitch, but they finally had to call tea time ahead of schedule so the dog could be captured without players in the way, UPI reports.

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