Dog Inducted into Purina Hall of Fame for Saving Teenager’s Life

A boy may not have survived a car crash had it not been for a dog.

Sako is a 4-year-old King Shepherd. He became part of a large Canadian family when he was just a puppy, forming close bonds with everyone. This bond was so strong that he became instinctually protective of his humans, which would later prove very valuable.

On June 10, 2014, the family agreed to get together for fishing and potato picking near Botanie Lake near Kanaka Bar, British Columbia. Before the meet up, Joseph Philips-Garcia, 16, went on a short road trip with his aunt, cousin, friend and Sako. On their way home, the somehow lost control and rolled more than 328 feet down a steep embankment. Joseph and Sako were thrown from the vehicle. They were also the only survivors.

At the bottom of the embankment Joseph lay injured with, what was later determined by doctors, to be “a broken femur and collar bone,” according to Purina. He was unable to move. He was bleeding. He kept losing consciousness. But he had Sako, who refused to leave Joseph’s side.

“To help keep him warm, Sako lay close to Joseph and helped move wood closer to him so he could make a fire with the lighter he had in his pocket,” Purina reported. “To keep him hydrated, Sako helped Joseph to drag himself closer to a nearby creek so he could drink some water. To keep him safe, Sako ran into the bushes and surrounding area to fend off coyotes and other predatory animals who were circling the crash site, howling and posing an imminent threat to Joseph.”

The two were not found until June 12, 2014. After being rescued Joseph had to have numerous surgeries with extensive recovery time. But if hadn’t been for Sako, he may not be here at all. Sako is truly a remarkable dog and deserves Purina’s honor of inducting him into the Hall of Fame, don’t you agree?

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