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Dog Survives Two Weeks In Hunter’s Trap But Loses Two Legs

The group that saved the dog hopes to outfit him with prosthetic legs.

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Forest was stuck in a hunter’s trap for two weeks before he was saved. Via Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy "Ada”/Facebook
John Virata

A dog in Poland was rescued after apparently surviving two weeks stuck in a hunter’s trap that slowly severed his legs as he tried desperately to free himself.

Forest survived his ordeal by eating snow, but each time he struggled to free himself, the wire trap would cut away at his limbs. Eventually, two of his legs were severed, according to a status update on the Facebook page for Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy “Ada,” the rescue group that saved him.

Forest came into the veterinary clinic bloody and with a fever, the group posted to its page. Veterinarians dressed his wounds and helped him fight a fever only to realize that Forest was also battling parasitic worms on the inside. The clinic’s manager, Jakub Kotowicz, looked after Forest for a month, and doctors believe that this bond, of dog and man, helped Forest pull through and survive.​​

Forest lost his two right legs to the hunter's trap.  Via Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy "Ada”/Facebook

Forest lost his two right legs to the hunter’s trap. Via Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy “Ada”/Facebook

The group does not know who owned the trap that was Forest’s prison for two weeks and they are unsure why someone who would set a trap wouldn’t free a dog that was caught in it. What they do know is Forest is a survivor, and as such, the group is doing everything that they can to save him.

Forest is doing much better now but relying on his left legs may be too much for his body. The group is hoping to outfit Forest with prosthethic legs on the right side of his body so Forest can live as normal a life as he can and is seeking donations via Dotpay.

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  • Than you for help saving Forest’s life. I can’t imagine the suffering he went through.

    Anyone using these horrible traps should be caught in one themselves, and suffer like the animal victims they make.

    See you on DotPay

    KatWrangler May 18, 2016 5:57 pm Reply

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