Dog Wearing Hoodie Adorably Snuggles With Baby BFF

Nothing has ever been as cute as this dog snuggling with this baby.

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Seriously, can this BE ANY CUTER?!

Is there anything cuter than a puppy in full relaxation mode?

OH WAIT, yes there is. It’s a baby snuggling with that puppy.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by RM Videos, a baby snuggles with an American Bully puppy in a rocking baby seat. And it’s the kind of video that will instantly warm your cold, cold heart.

Via RM Videos/YouTube

This is what heaven must be like. Via RM Videos/YouTube

So there’s definitely nothing cuter than a puppy and baby snuggling together, right?

OH WAIT, yes there is. It’s when that puppy is wearing a hoodie like a furry little human whilst snuggling with a baby.

So what could possibly make this adorable combination even cuter, you ask? How about the little ears coming out of that hoodie, worn by a puppy, who is snuggling with a baby.

Via RM Videos/YouTube

Cue all the awws. Via RM Videos/YouTube

And when that baby, snuggling with a hoodie-wearing puppy, and then sticks his little baby feet out… it’s just a massive explosion of cuteness.

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