This Dog Has Mastered The Art Of Cooling Down On A Hot Summer Day

Seeking some relief on a hot day, this dog decided to hop into a fountain.

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Now THIS is how you do summer.
Chrissa Hardy

When you’re sweaty and gross from the intense summer heat, cooling off is a priority — however you can make it happen.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by DailyPicksandFlicks, a dog, who appears to be a black Labrador Retriever mix, is found sloshing about in a fountain. As the cool water streams down upon his fur, a giant smile appears on the pup’s face.

"Yeah... I'll be right here until Labor Day. Treats poolside, please." Via YouTube

“Yeah… I’ll be right here until Labor Day. Treats poolside, please.” Via YouTube

This is clearly the dog’s best idea to date, and he is certainly proud of it. We know were this goofy pooch will be this summer, that’s for sure. Too bad there’s no room for us.

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