Dog Howls With Sadness When Furry Friend Plays Dead

Jack must have been a total prankster in a previous live.

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Archie is seriously in distress as his pal plays dead. Via sam_mhull/Twitter
John Virata

Jack and Archie are seemingly best furry friends. Archie is a serious dog, who apparently takes things, well, seriously. Jack, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Archie, which is probably why they make great friends.

Twitter user Sam_mhull posted a short clip of the duo on the floor, during a really serious moment in time, at least for Archie.

You see, in the clip, Jack plays dead. He lies on his back with his hind legs splayed out, his head to one side with his mouth agape and his front paws looking as stiff as a board. He doesn’t move during the entire clip. And Archie? Well he is howling in sadness.

At first Archie is standing next to the seemingly dead Jack, but then lies down in front of the prankster dog. A woman appears in the clip and starts to console Archie, telling him to stop howling and assuring him that Jack is not dead.

“He’s not dead,” she says. “He’s not dead. Relax. Stop it!”

Archie doesn’t believe it, and as the clip ends, Archie is still howling, while Jack must be laughing with delight, silently of course. Because of the whole playing dead thing. ROFL! Or at least OFL.

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