Dog Howls Along to “Amazing Grace” With Bagpipe Accompaniment

How sweet the sound, indeed.

Ah, bagpipes. It’s hard to say if anyone actuallylovesto listen to them, but you know when you hear them you stop what you’re doing and pay attention. Do dogs like them? I don’t know. I just asked my dog and he kept on sleeping. The dog in the clip, Milo, below seems to be a fan. You will have to turn up the volume to hear the bagpipes, but beware, the dogs bark and subsequent howling are loud.



As soon as the bagpipes started playing, Milo’s attention is captured. As the playing continues, he goes from attentive to fully engaged, tail wagging, to finally joining in with the melody.

 dog playing bagpipes

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According to YouTube user Ashley Collingwood, who appears to be Milo’s owner, he was a stray dog she does not know his breed. With the particular interest in bagpipes, perhaps he has a little Scottish Terrier in him?

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