Ralph The Dog Steals Tater Tots Like A Boss

Ralph the dog hoards all his human's tater tots like a chipmunk in a hilarious video posted to Vine.

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So THAT'S where all the tater tots went. Via Vine
Chrissa Hardy

Most of us don’t like to share food. Ralph the dog doesn’t either.

In a Vine posted this month by user Detective51, a man asks Ralph if he ate his tater tots. Ralph doesn’t verbally respond, because, you know, dogs can’t talk.

Instead, he opens his mouth and several tater tots topple out onto the floor.

The funniest part is that the tots aren’t even remotely chewed up, which means the Ralph was just holding them in his cheeks like a potato-loving chipmunk.

Ralph’s hoarding reminds us of this extremely relatable line from “Friends:”

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

And neither does Ralph.

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