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Dog Hilariously Photobombs Couple’s Engagement Photo

There’s nothing like a dog to make the moment better.

There’s nothing like a dog to make the moment better.

 DnK Photography/Facebook

When you have a big moment in your life – an engagement, a marriage, a baby – you want your whole family to be a part of it, including your dog. While incorporating your cuddly canine companion into your photos sometimes works, other times the dog is just going to do whatever he pleases. And sometimes it makes the best picture.

Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe were celebrating their engagement with a photo session with photographer Karin Berdal of DnK Photography on Oct. 13. They chose a nearby park in St. Paul, Minnesota as the setting – a beautiful background in the fall. Their dog, Louie, came along.

Berdal had the couple pose sitting in some leaves with Louie, a miniature Dachshund. He was cool for a few shots, but the leaves proved to be just too enticing and he had to jump in them, creating one of the most memorable engagement photographs we’ve seen.


 DnK Photography/Facebook

“Louie is six [years old], but he’s got the heart of a puppy,” Berdal told ABC News. “He had no clue what he was creating for us, but once we got that picture, we were cracking up. I think Megan’s response was ‘Well, that’s Louie. He’s a show stopper.’”

To see more of Louie’s antics during the photo shoot, visit the DnK Photography blog.


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