Dog Heroine Scares, Chases Bears From Owner’s Yard

Adorable Frenchie barks, “Not at my house!”

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Jules proves she is one little dog to beware. Via CBS2 Los Angeles

It could be a twist on a fairy tale favorite, but “Jules and the Three Bears” is a true story that highlights the brave actions of an adorable French Bulldog.

The 20-pound pup decided to take matters into her own paws when on Friday a mother bear and two of her young entered the front yard of a Monrovia, California, home. As local station CBS2 Los Angeles reports, Jules’ actions are causing people to call her a hero.

Jules and owner relax on their home's balcony. Via CBS2 Los Angeles

Jules and owner relax on their home’s balcony. Via CBS2 Los Angeles

“She wasn’t having it,” homeowner David Hernandez said. “You’re not coming in to her property.”

Caught on film with Hernandez’ security system, Jules is first seen barking at the two young bears — one estimated at about 100 pounds — as Momma Bear sat in another part of the property. Next, without hesitation, the pup — nipping at their heels — forced the bears over a fence and back up a hill from whence they came.

“She blew me away, couldn’t believe that she turned into a Wolverine,” Hernandez told the station.

The two young bears prove to be no match for Jules. Via CBS2 Los Angeles

The two young bears prove to be no match for Jules. Via CBS2 Los Angeles

Reportedly, a wildfire in this part of the San Gabriel Mountains, northwest of Los Angeles, has impacted the food supply, prompting bears and other wildlife to wander into neighborhoods looking for things to eat. Hernandez said, unfortunately, some residents are leaving food for the animals, prompting surprise visits. He said he even has boarded up his daughter’s window to keep them out.

“There’s nothing more dangerous in a forest than a mother bear, nothing,” Hernandez said.

Jules — who reportedly is enjoying the attention — received a bath, a treat and lots of kisses for her heroic actions.

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