Dog Utterly Heartbroken After Owner Breaks His Frisbee

When a dog's owner accidentally broke his favorite Frisbee, his broken heart could not be mended.

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Toy broken = world shattered. Via madelinexpaige/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

It sucks when things break, especially your favorite things.

A German Shepherd learned just how real this struggle is when his owner accidentally broke his favorite Frisbee. Instagram user @madelinexpaige uploaded a video of her dog Thor begging her to play with him and his Frisbee. In the video, Madeline leans back and tries to take the Frisbee from Thor, and basically breaks the Frisbee in half, as Thor trots away with the remains of his beloved toy still in his mouth.

To be fair, the Frisbee was already cracked down the middle, and was living on borrowed time.

After the toy broke, Thor was inconsolable, as reported on Bark Post.

Via Madeline Bruner/Facebook and BarkPost

“My toy is dead. Life is over.” Via Madeline Bruner/BarkPost

So Thor’s owner tried to cheer the pup up by buying him a new Frisbee. Thor wasn’t fooled.

Via Madeline Bruner/Facebook and BarkPost

“You think you can just buy me a new Frisbee and my pain will instantly disappear??” Via Madeline Bruner/BarkPost

But eventually, he came around.

Via Madeline Bruner/Facebook and BarkPost

“OK, fine. This new Frisbee is pretty great.” Via Madeline Bruner/BarkPost

See, Thor? Time heals all wounds. As does new Frisbees.

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