Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Man’s Dog Impression

The guy's impression of his dog is spot-on.

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This guy should get an award for his performance.
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs are funny creatures. They make noises, facial expressions and movements that would look absolutely ridiculous in human form.

But one guy, Oscar Filho, decided to give a full-on dog impression a go. As we see in his YouTube video, Filho’s performance is next-level impressive.

In the video, Filho is on all fours next to the Boxer he’s imitating. He copies every wag, lick and snarfle the dog does, and the dog’s reaction to it is equal parts befuddlement and elated frustration.

The dog is clearly psyched to be playing with Filho, but the dog is also like, “What’s this dude’s deal? Is he OK? Why is he not doing normal human things?”

Ultimately, we think this moment brought their friendship to a whole new level of adorable.

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