Dog Has Best Time Ever On Owner’s Bed

Hidden camera catches dog romping on a bed he was not allowed to be on.

Most dog owner’s picture their dog’s day being uneventful. Maybe they will wander around, look for a nice place to take a nap or chew a bone for a bit. We dislike leaving them home alone because they are bound to be bored and will just sleep the day away. What fun could they possible have without us? 

Apparently they can have a whole lot of fun – maybe even more than when we are home telling them what they can’t do. Or at least this dog did. This owner set up a hidden camera and found their dog having the best time ever on a bed that he was not allowed to be on. 

While this looks like the best day of this dog’s life we can’t help but think, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. The cat however does not seem to share his enthusiasm.



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