Dog Is Happy And He Knows It So He Claps His Hands

Benny the dog is happy and he knows it, and he really wants to show it.

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Benny is happy. The proof is in the clap.
Chrissa Hardy

Benny is a happy dog. How do we know? Because he claps his hands… er, paws.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Liam Burke, Benny the dog claps his paws along to the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

A woman sings the song to Benny while playfully scratching his belly. When she reaches the part that goes, “Clap your hands,” she stops scratching him, and then, right on cue, Benny claps his two paws together.

Via YouTube

He’s happy. And he knows it. Via Liam Burke/YouTube

Does Benny know the song and understands when it’s time to clap?

Or does he just know that clapping is seen as utterly adorable by all humans and if he does it, his owner will continue scratching his chest?

Via YouTube

And he REALLY wants to show it. Via Liam Burke/YouTube

The latter certainly seems more likely, but this little performance is amazing, just the same.

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