Dog Grabs Bed To Binge-Watch TV In Comfort

Heidi loves watching her stories.

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This dog wants to settle in for all the shows. Via williamcopus/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

When “Planet Earth” comes on TV, the show’s No. 1 fan is always ready to watch. Scratch that. She’s ready to watch when she has her spot set up just right. Then it’s prime time.

That superfan is Heidi the Australian Shepherd, who pulls her dog bed into perfect view of her TV in a video posted to Rumble by williamcopus. Heidi’s owner narrates the video, and it sounds like Heidi’s fans were curious about her viewing habits.

“You wanted to see Heidi actually watch TV, not just react to it,” her owner says. “We just got done playing fetch, she’s a little tired, ready to watch some TV.”

When her owner clicks the remote, Heidi does some high-pitched doggy noising. She’s pumped.

She then hurries to another room down a hallway and reappears within seconds, pulling her dog bed. After nudging it into the right shape and spot on the floor, she plants down and stares up at the screen.

The opening title sequence begins, and Heidi watches in rapt attention. We don’t know how many episodes she might be able to get in in this sitting but we know she’s ready for the long haul.

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