Dog Beautifully Captures Her Owners’ Wedding Day With A GoPro

You might think using your dog as your wedding videographer is a bad idea, but a dog named Ryder dog did a fabulous job.

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This dog might be the best wedding videographer ever.
Chrissa Hardy

It’s official, wedding videography is going to the dogs.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Marshall Burnette, a dog named Ryder wore a GoPro on her owners’ wedding day and captured everything beautifully.

"Mom said Yes to the dress!" Via YouTube

“Mom said YES to the dress!” Via YouTube

The whole point of a wedding video is to have a document of the little moments that you might forget down the road. You get to see how guests interacted when they first arrived, and how happy you and your partner were leading up to the moment you promised to build a life together, as a team.

This is just magical. Via YouTube

This is just magical. Via YouTube

Somehow, Ryder just nailed it.

Her owners, Marshall and Addie Burnette, got married last November on the top of Roan Mountain in Tennessee. By just roaming around the house and snowy wedding site with the camera on her back, Ryder captured it all. And it’s something her owners will cherish forever, especially since their pup helped in such a major way.

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