Dog With A GoPro Might Be One Of The Best Pet Photographers Ever

A rescue dog named Tula wears a GoPro when she plays with friends, and she's taken some of the coolest photos we've ever seen.

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A dog took this awesome photo of another dog. This is TALENT. Via caninehappyhour/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

In order to make your mark in the world of pet photography, you need to capture a side of pets that the world rarely gets to see. And as it turns out, you don’t even need to be human to take amazing, unforgettable photos.

A rescue dog named Tula takes some seriously stellar photos of her canine compadres at the park. How does she do it? With a GoPro camera that’s attached to her harness.

Tula’s owner, Susie Kixmoeller, is also a photographer, and came up with the idea to get photos from Tula’s perspective after her own attempts to capture Tula playing with other dogs failed.

“It really wasn’t working, because when I got close to the dogs and they were playing, they’d just stop playing and pay attention to me,” Susie told ABC13.

So now Tula goes to the park with a GoPro attached to the front of her harness, and photos are automatically snapped every second, ABC13 reports. Susie then goes through each photo taken, and the best ones are posted to Tula’s Instagram page, @CanineHappyHour.

Here are the best of the best.

1. Floppy Leap

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A photo posted by Canine Happy Hour (@caninehappyhour) on

Those ears! Those flying paws! Only Tula could get a shot like this.

2. Wary Eye

“What is that on your chest? Are you a spy? Do you work for the cats?”

3. Mid-Tail Wag

Good to know dogs get whopped in the face with wagging tails, too. We’re not alone.

4. Friend On The Fly

“Look, Tula! No feet!”

5. All Teeth, No Bite

Friend or foe? We’ll never know.

6. Ham-Dog

“Tula! TULA! Make me a star!”

7. Playful Pup

If this dog could talk, it would be screaming, “YAYYYYYYY!”

8. Shake It Off

Get wet. Shake it off. Get everyone else wet in the process. Repeat.

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