Golden Retriever Is Better At Catching Fish Than Most Fishermen

You might need a fishing pole to catch a fish, but all this dog needs is a little patience and strong chompers.

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"Oh, you need a fishing pole to do this?"
Chrissa Hardy

What fishermen can do with two hands and lots of practice, this dog can do with nothing but instinct.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by 1khills, a Golden Retriever named Rani catches a bluegill fish in the water using just her teeth.

Da-dum... Da-dum... Via YouTube

Da-dum… Da-dum… Via 1khills/YouTube

Rani shows she has both patience and a strategic mind as she waits for the fish in the water to swim to the top for the wads of bread floating around her.

Da-dum-da-dum-DA-DUM. Via YouTube

Da-dum-da-dum-DA-DUM. Via 1khills/YouTube

Then, as a fish approaches, she pounces.

Rani puts food on the table for her humans. Via YouTube

Rani puts food on the table for her humans. Via 1khills/YouTube

Now if she can just work on her filleting technique…

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