Dog Glaucoma Implants Show Promising Results

A new veterinary glaucoma implant for dogs is showing positive results in dogs with severely diseased eyes.

TR BioSurgical LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz., recently reported that its new veterinary glaucoma implant for dogs, TR-ClarifEYE, is showing positive results.

“Although we only have a few patients enrolled, the preliminary findings are very encouraging in severely diseased eyes,” said Craig Woods, DVM, chief executive of TR BioSurgical. “We now have promising data well past the critical window, where many implants fail, which raises our confidence of long term success.

“If we continue with these results, the device could be available to veterinary ophthalmologists on a limited basis within a year.”

TR-ClarifEYE consists of a porous biomaterial that results in enhanced tissue integration and a reduction in fibrosis, two key properties in the control of glaucoma, according to the company. It is surgically implanted to recreate the appropriate flow of ocular fluid from the anterior chamber to the vascular network.

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