Dog Gives Runners High-Fives During NYC Marathon, Steals All The Hearts

During the NYC Marathon, this pup handed out high fives.

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You get a high-five! And you get a high-five! Via martygetstogo/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Running a marathon is not easy. It requires incredible stamina and endurance, and it takes a tough mental toll on a runner. Luckily, runners competing in the NYC Marathon on Nov. 5, 2017, got a sweet surprise on their route.

In a show of support, a dog named Marty McFly offered high-fives to runners passing by, and many took him up on it! Marty’s owners posted a video of the adorable high-fivery on his Instagram page.

Heckin high fives for everyone running the #nycmarathon

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Marty’s owners, Jenny McCoy and Guilherme de Oliveira, took the 1-year-old pup to the race, and from the looks of it, Marty had a fabulous time.

But that’s also kind of Marty’s thing.

Did not eat a single pillow last month.

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Based on his Instagram posts, he seems like the life of the party.

Hi to all my new followers 👋😁

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What a good doggo!

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