Dog Gives Owner All Kinds Of Side-Eye When He’s Being Picked Up From The Vet

If there were a Hall of Fame for side-eye, this Boxer would be a first-ballot entry.

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"You think I'm judging you? Darn right, I'm judging you."

This dog did it better than Rihanna, better than Beyonce and better than any Real Housewife in any major metropolitan area. No one has ever given better side-eye than this Boxer did when his owner came to pick him up from the vet’s office.

You think you’ve seen someone throw shade before? This dog just threw you to the dark side of the moon. You think you’ve been judged? This dog would be banging a gavel if he had opposable thumbs.

"Come over here and think about what you have done," this dog is saying. Via TheLad/YouTube

“Come over here and think about what you have done,” this dog is saying. Via TheLad/YouTube

And this video, uploaded a few weeks ago by TheLad, captures just how downright ambidextrous this dog is when it comes to side-eyeing.

“Oh, you want to see it on the other side? Here you go, joker,” that Boxer is muttering to himself.

All we can think about is the drive home from the vet, when the dog is staring out the window, determined not to make eye contact with anything but his own reflection. We hope you learned your lesson, camera guy. Don’t make this dog tell you again.

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