Couple Restore Our Faith In Humanity By Giving Shelter To Dog Left In Pouring Rain

Two selfless humans saw a dog tied up outside in the pouring rain and gave it shelter until the owner returned.

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There is goodness in the world after all. Via Gala Bingo Dover/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes it’s all too easy to lose your faith in humanity. But today, one couple’s random act of kindness has reminded us that human beings aren’t all that bad.

The couple lent a helping hand to a dog during a downpour in Dover, Kent, earlier this week — with one person literally giving the clothes off his back to protect the poor pooch, Metro UK reports.

The dog was left outside of a store while its owner was inside shopping when it started to rain heavily. Upon noticing the dog, a man who had been walking by with his girlfriend took off his jacket and held it over the dog to protect it from the rain while they waited for the owner to return.

Jon Sparkes, who works at Gala Bingo across the street, witnessed this selfless act and gave the couple two umbrellas to protect themselves from the elements. After about 20 wet minutes, the owner returned unaware that it had started raining.

“They were really grateful and they waited there until the owner came back, who was also very grateful to the couple,” Sparkes told Metro UK.

In honor of these truly amazing individuals, get out there and do something nice for someone else today. And remember: There are good people in this world… but it’s OK if you still prefer the company of your dog.

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