Dog Gets Prosthetic Paws After Surviving Fire And Horrific Abuse

A Shiba Inu/Jundo mix named Journey is finally able to run and play again after receiving prosthetic paws.

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Journey used to wear padded boots to protect her feet, but now she has a new set of prosthetic paws. Via Marilyn Hendrickson/Komo News

A 9-month-old Shiba Inu/Jundo mix puppy named Journey has just been given a chance to run and play like any puppy should with the help of prosthetic paws.

Journey was born in November 2014 in South Korea, and on New Year’s Eve, she miraculously survived after someone attempted to burn her and her litter mates alive, KOMO News reports. Journey was the only survivor out of the litter.

Journey’s front paws were severely injured after the attack, with her left paw almost completely gone. In order to get around, Journey would often hop around on only her hind legs, according to KOMO News.

Upon hearing Journey’s story, a New York woman traveled to South Korea to get Journey and brought her to Seattle, Washington. Her foster mom, Marilyn Hendrickson, took her in and has been caring for her ever since.

Last spring, Journey had her plaster castings made. Those were sent to OrthoPets in Denver, Colorado, where custom-made fiberglass prosthetic braces were created.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Hendrickson, Journey gets a little help putting on her new prosthetic paws.

Finally, Journey’s new journey can begin. And it looks like she’ll be running the whole way.

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