Dog Gets Into Pool, Freaks Out

It’s hot. Pools are cool. Dogs know what’s up.

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"ZOMG pooooolllll!!!" Via janeway93/Rumble

Things are about to heat up. Summer is almost here and you can feel it in the air. Time to find creative ways to cool off.

A dog found the best spot to stay cool, and lost her cool, when she romped in a pool recently, a video on Rumble posted by janeway93 shows. Sookie the pooch looks like she’s having the best time ever in the water, and knows the secret to chilling out in the heat.

There’s splishing, splashing and sloshing. Sookie jumps in the pool over and over again with a look of total joy.

We will be taking a page from her book this summer. Sookie has figured out the best way to beat the heat.

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