Dog Gets Greatest Day She’s Ever Known During Last 24 Hours With Her Family

Daisy’s last day is full of her favorite things.

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One family member, happy to her last day. Via Victahhhh/Twitter
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Beagle Daisy had spent eight years with her family being a very good girl. When the 13-year-old dog suffered a ruptured disk, however, her time with her family grew short.

It became clear to Daisy’s family recently that she wouldn’t survive back surgery and had to be put down, so Daisy’s owner planned one last special day, Buzzfeed reports. Victor Flores tweeted this week about the day his mom Shannon Adams created for the beloved dog and people responded as if they’d experienced their own love and loss.

Victor shared pictures of the big bacon breakfast and chicken dinner that his mom made for Daisy. Due to the ruptured disk, she’d lost control of her lower body, but Shannon was able to bring her on a sunny walk with the assistance of a little red wagon.

Headed out for some fun and fresh air.  Via Victahhhh/Twitter

Headed out for some fun and fresh air. Via Victahhhh/Twitter

Hundreds of thousands of people liked and retweeted the sentimental posts. Many shared reaction pictures of themselves with tears rolling down their cheeks.

You deserve all the love, Daisy. Good dog.

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