Dog Gets Excited When He Sees The Ice Cream Truck. Of Course He Does; It’s Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, even dogs scream for ice cream (or run to the truck and wait for it).

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“Yay! Ice cream!” Via Ryan James/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

When you heard those first few notes of that familiar music in your neighborhood you ran to your mom or dad and asked them for money, bolted out the front door when they gave you that dollar and ran out to the truck for the coveted treat. You know the one. There was nothing more exciting than the ice cream truck. It had ice cream in it, so duh.

Children aren’t the only ones who are happy to see that truck. Sometimes it’s dogs too. Or, more specifically, a Staffie named Reggie who cannot wait to join in on the ice cream fun.

In a video posted to Facebook by Ryan James, Reggie the dog is given the go ahead by what we presume to be his owner. He then bolts to the ice cream truck where two young girls are getting their treat. He sits (sort of) and wags his tail in excited anticipation, waiting his turn.

“I’m next! I’m next!” Via Ryan James/Facebook

“I’m next! I’m next!” Via Ryan James/Facebook

The children are served first. But then it’s Reggie’s turn. The ice cream man hands the dog what looks like a vanilla sugar cone and the Reggie gobbles it up. Wouldn’t we all?

Sugary goodies could be potentially harmful to dogs, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on a yummy treat. Try making dog-friendly ice cream for them at home.

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