Dog Gets Best Surprise Ever When Owner Returns Home From Service

A dog knew something was up when he went to the backyard, but when he found out what the surprise was he, lost any composure he might have had.

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"I think there's something under here... " Via Hesbuzz/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

If people out there doubt that dogs love their owners, they should watch a new video posted to Facebook.

The video, uploaded in a post by Hesbuzz, shows a dog owner returning from the U.S. Army and hiding in the back yard to surprise his dog.

For a while, we didn’t even know where the soldier was hiding. The dog, on the other hand, knew he was there somewhere, and sniffs around the yard, eagerly anticipating the discovery of what soon becomes clear is the dog’s very favorite person.

The dog eventually puts his nose under a blanket covering a mysterious item and, sure enough, it’s the owner. Happy dog dancing ensues, and we’re sure there was a reunion to end all reunions.

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