Dog Games

Dog Games

Fun Backyard Games With Your Dog

Backyard versions of six popular canine games.

Build Your Own Practice Earthdog Tunnel

Test your dog’s go-to-ground instincts in your own backyard.

Cold-Weather Conditioning for Your Dog

How to keep your dog in shape during the winter.

Dog Activities: Go Green

Being Earth-friendly is about more than a single day of action. Want to do something green and good with your best friend? Whether you want to volunteer, clean house, or just spend some time enjoying nature, these activities are perfect for you and your dog.

Consider Dog Agility

This fast-paced sport is fun for dogs, dog owners and audience.

Is Your Dog a Sports Dog?

Prepare your dog for agility training.

Train Your Dog to Catch a Flying Disc

How to train your dog to catch a flying disc.

7 Fun Activities for Dogs

Mixed breeds and other non-registered dogs can compete and earn titles in a variety of sports.

Heavy Duty!

Weight-pulling dogs compete in Oceanside, Calif.

Teach Your Dog to Play Retrieving Games

Fetch games provide hours of fun for both you and your dog.

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