Totally Trusting Dog Performs Trust Fall On Command

Would your dog trust you to catch him during a trust fall?

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Watson and his human prepare for the trust fall. Via
Cari Jorgensen

Trust can be a difficult thing for some people. Others may place trust in people too easily. The only ones who always seem to trust humans are pets. Especially dogs — unless, of course, we pretend to throw the ball one too many times. There’s one dog who may show more trust than any other.

Meet Watson.

A photo posted by Watson And Kiko ( on

He’s adorable.  

A photo posted by Watson And Kiko ( on

He’s friendly.

A photo posted by Watson And Kiko ( on

And he trusts his human.  

A photo posted by Watson And Kiko ( on

He really, really trusts his human. In a video gaining popularity on Instagram, Watson shows just how much he trusts his human by performing a “trust fall.” As soon as Watson’s human says those two words, Watson falls back, believing wholeheartedly that he will be caught before he lands on the fluffy bed — and later the couch. (Don’t worry, he is.)

A video posted by Watson And Kiko ( on

How would your dog do with this trick? Would he trust that you’d catch him?

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