Dog Friends Separated at Shelter are Reunited Months Later

As fate would have it, the same family adopted the dogs six months apart.



Abby and Riley were homeless. However, as stray dogs they bonded and formed a special friendship. The two of them were saved by the Adams County Pet Rescue in Washington, but were separated when they arrived at the shelter. Staff at Animal House TV learned that Abby was getting out of her kennel every night to be near Riley. These dogs did not want to be apart. They were bonded. Friends. Siblings.

Unfortunately, the dogs were adopted separately. Six months later, the family who adopted Riley returned him (reports are unclear as to why) and the family who adopted Abby were looking for a second dog. Animal House TV staff gathered Riley up and took him to meet Abby and her family. Take a look at their reunion:

What do you think of their reunion?


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