Dog-Friendly Creamsicles

Cool off with our doggie take on a classic treat!

It’s National Creamsicle Day! Doesn’t that just conjure up images of summertime fun? The perfect mix of tart orange with a creamy ice cream center… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. The sounds of the ice cream truck are ringing in my ears, but dogs can’t eat creamsicles – or can they?

Check out our dog-friendly version of this classic summertime snack. Filled with fruits these are not only fun, but healthy too.

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  • 1 banana
  • 1 quart orange juice (use part water if you are concerned about your dog’s sugar intake)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt (unsweetened)

*Pupsicles can be made in ice cube trays, muffin tins, paper cups or Popsicle molds, just make sure to keep them sized appropriately for your pet.

For Easy Pupsicle Instructions:

  • Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher with a spout.
  • Carefully pour the blend into empty ice cube trays.
  • Store the trays in the freezer until the blend becomes solid.
  • When ready to serve, pop the pupsicles out of the trays into a big serving dish.

If you really want to have the creamsicle affect try these instructions:

  • Pour a thin layer of orange juice in the ice cube tray.
  • Freeze till solid.
  • Mix the yogurt and banana together.
  • Put a layer of this mixture on top of the frozen orange juice layer.
  • Freeze again.
  • Pour another layer of orange juice on top of the yogurt layer.
  • When ready to serve, pop the creamsicles out of the trays into a big serving dish.

Reprinted from “Dog Parties” by Arden Moore © 2004. Permission granted by BowTie Press.

As with an treat, feed in moderation and check with your veterinarian if it is a new food for your dog.

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