Dog Found On London Bus Reunited With Family

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was left on the bus by two men.

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Boston disappeared during a walk last week. He was later found on an east London bus. Via Evening Standard
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Two children are overjoyed to have their dog back after he was found on an East London bus. Their dog, Boston, disappeared during a walk last week and was later found on the bus, sitting in the wheelchair access area.

Paulina Rybak told the Evening Standard that Boston, a 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, got lost during a walk on April 28 and was found when Rybak saw a picture of him on the Evening Standard’s website.

“We took him outside and after few seconds, we couldn’t see him,” she told the paper. “We started looking for him but couldn’t find him. On Friday, in the morning, I went to my vet and told them I lost my dog and they told me to call Newham Council.”

The vet told her that when Boston was located, someone would contact her. But Boston made an appearance elsewhere.

Boston is reunited with his family after a few days in the hands of strangers. Via Paulina Rybak/Evening Standard

Boston is reunited with his family after a few days in the hands of strangers. Via Paulina Rybak/Evening Standard

Boston was found by bus driver Amos Paul Mak who said the dog got on the bus with two men. The folks at the Stagecoach bus station pulled out all the stops to keep Boston comfortable. Mak posted a photo of Boston to Facebook in hopes that someone would be able to recognize the dog. The photo was then picked up by the Evening Standard.

“I am genuinely pleased Boston is home, and I will let all the staff at Stagecoach, who helped keep him comfortable and stress free, know,” Mak told the Evening Standard.

“My colleague Benji stayed working for a few hours after his shift unpaid to try and find a place to take him,” he added. “Leigh Anne on the counter kept phoning all night to try and get him taken in somewhere, and Liezel constantly kept an eye on and gave Boston hugs throughout the night.”

Rybak has had the dog since he was 6 weeks old and said he has never attempted to run away before, leaving her to wonder whether someone tried to steal him.

Luckily, this missing dog story has a happy ending.

“My children were very sad,” she told the paper. “My boy was crying and my daughter was as well. Now they are very happy and are with him now.”

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