Dog Found Guilty of Chewing Up Food Coloring

He was caught red-handed – oops, we mean green-pawed.

Many dogs will chew up anything. As someone who grew up with dogs, I have seen towels ripped to shreds, doors chewed up, feathers from pillows covering the floor like a blanket, large holes in the carpet and even a loaf of bread half-eaten and spread out all over the kitchen floor. The dogs, of course, would look at whoever caught them with that “it wasn’t me” look.

The dog in the video above, posted on YouTube by Kyoot Animals, also has that “it wasn’t me” expression on his face. The camera pans over a torn up box of food coloring, most of which has created stains on the light carpet. When the man filming asks the dog if he knows who did it, the dog remains silent. His fur, however, speaks volumes.


 Kyoot Animals/Facebook

It’s possible the green tint gave him away.

Has your dog ever chewed something up and revealed his or her guilt right away? Share your story in the comments.


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