Dog Forgets How To Bark, Decides To Make This Sound Instead

Come on, buddy! Just do what the other dogs are doing!

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Someone seems to have failed his Barking 101 class. Via Michael Winton/Facebook

There are a few sounds in nature that resonate with us, that reflect power and dignity and command respect. The roar of a lion. The trumpet of an elephant. The bark of a Husk– wait, no, what in the world is coming out of that dog’s mouth?

“This husky forgot how to dog and can’t bark,” Michael Wilton wrote after posting the video on Facebook. “He just yells.”

While several other dogs surround him, excitedly barking (like, normal barks), this animal sounds like the world’s most annoying car alarm. We don’t even know what vowel combinations to use to write it out phonetically, but there would be a lot of obnoxious-looking o’s and u’s.

Maybe his Dog Software needs to be updated. Maybe someone needs to turn him off and then turn him back on again. Or maybe he just doesn’t feel like being dignified today. Whatever it is, you’ll probably want to turn your speakers down — or completely off — before pressing play on this video.

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