Dog Food Company Responds to FDA Action

Evanger’s files a request for the reinstatement of a permit needed to ship pet food between states.

Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Co., of Wheeling, Ill., has filed a formal request with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for reinstatement of a permit that allows the shipping of pet food from one state to another.

The FDA suspended the permit on June 12. According to the FDA, Evanger’s had deviated from manufacturing processes and paperwork. Such deviations, the FDA said, could result in under-processed pet foods, which could lead to botulism.

The FDA’s action stopped Evanger’s from shipping only its canned products out of its facility. It did not affect products already in distribution centers nor its dry pet food or treats.

Evanger’s Vice President Joel Sher said the company is operating in full compliance with mandatory requirements and is seeking to have its permit reinstated.

“Our company has been working closely with the FDA, and we have already addressed many of their questions,” Sher said. “No Evanger’s product has been recalled, nor is there any indication that Evanger’s products are unsafe or contaminated in any way.”

Sher said the FDA action appears to be based on a misunderstanding regarding paperwork updating the company’s processing protocols that was submitted last year.

The company began using a single process to sterilize all variations of a certain type of canned pet food, he explained. However, he said, it appears that the paperwork Evanger’s filed with the FDA didn’t explicitly state that it was the company’s intention to use the single process for all of the variations. Therefore, he said, the FDA found Evanger’s to be in violation.

“Our FDA consultants are in the process of resubmitting these files,” he said. “The safety and quality of all Evanger’s products is our No. 1 concern, and we are working closely with FDA to ensure that all the record keeping and processes have met and will continue to meet their strict guidelines.”

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