Huge Dog Rolls Past Flight Passengers And Straight Into First Class

Passengers on an American Airlines flight from LAX were quite surprised to see a giant dog getting rolled into First Class.

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Some people are never able to fly first class. Well, this dog has. Via madeleinedoux/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

It’s good to be this dog.

Twitter user madeleinedoux posted a spectacular photo of a very large dog rolling onto an American Airlines flight and getting a first class seat. The caption read, “holy sh**, I just saw the literal fattest dog.”

We're all jealous. Via madeleinedoux/Twitter

#jealous. Via madeleinedoux/Twitter

As reported by Mashable, the Internet later learned that the dog’s name is Hank, and he was traveling with his owner, Kari Whitman, founder of Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills, California.

And even though many passengers probably thought he was just an overweight dog getting special treatment, there’s way more to Hank than meets the eye. According to this Instagram account, he’s a special needs dog that cannot walk (thus the cart) and has the ability to detect seizures.

So it sounds like Hank is just an all-star and his owner is, too.

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