Dog Finds Kittens Abandoned in a Park, Alerts Human

When the pup found a Doritos box, she quickly realized there weren’t any chips inside.

Has your dog ever found anything while you’re playing fetch with him or her in the dog park? Mine have discovered a basketball, a large stick and half an orange, to name a few (and yes, they brought each item to me). For Sharon Smith, her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Vader, discovered something quite different.





While playing fetch at a park in Middlesbrough, England, Vader’s ball went into some bushes. Instead of the ball, she found a Doritos box that contained a cat and her kittens.

“I had been throwing the ball for her; she went into the bushes to get it and I could see she was nudging a box and whining,” Smith told Mashable. “I knew it must be something important because she’d left her ball behind and she’s crazy about her ball.”

When Smith checked the box out, she saw there were holes in it and that it was moving. She then took the box home and pulled off the tape.

“I saw the cat and kittens inside and I was shocked,” Smith said, according to Mashable. “They were terrified. It was a small box for them, it was just heartbreaking. It’s disgusting that anyone would dump them like that. It’s absolutely appalling.” The box was also “soiled with urine” and there was no water or food for the animals. They were not microchipped, so the owner is unknown.


 These cats survived, thanks to a dog named Vader/RSPCA

The cats are now under the RSPCA’s care and Vader has been given a gift for being instrumental in saving the felines’ lives.

“Thank goodness for Vader, she really is a hero,” Smith told Mashable. “I’ve given her three new tennis balls as a treat for finding the kittens as she was so focused on the box she lost her ball.”


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