Dog Finds Family’s Missing Cat Alive 2 Months After House Fire

“This cat’s a miracle,” the owner told reporters.

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The family is reunited, thanks to dog Chloe who found his feline brother, Ranger. Via Fox 8 Cleveland
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A woman in South Haven, Michigan, couldn’t recover everything from a fire that broke out in her home in mid-March. Luckily, they were able to save her dog, Chloe, who paid it back by rescuing the family cat — months after the blaze occurred.

Ringer the cat was found beneath the floor of Christine Marr’s home this week, two months after a fire destroyed it, Fox 8 Cleveland reports. Dog Chloe sniffed out the cat during Marr’s first trip back since the fire broke out.

Ringer had lost half his body weight and was malnourished but is expected to make a full recovery. Via Fox 8 Cleveland

“This cat’s a miracle,” Marr told the news outlet. “This cat has been in this area for two months with no food or water. And Chloe just found him down in this hole.”

Fire crews had pored over the home, looking everywhere to see if they could find Ringer. They called the dog a true hero for discovering the hidden cat.

Marr assumes Ringer survived only on bugs, spiders or anything he could find. Ringer’s vet said that he’d lost half his body weight and was malnourished. He also said the cat is expected to make a full recovery after this incredible story of survival.

“I think he used a bit more than just nine lives,” Marr told the news outlet.

We hope he spends some of those thanking Chloe, who helped reunite the family after this tragedy.

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