Dog Finds A Way To Get Past His Fear Of Carpet

Artie the dog is terrified of stepping onto the living room carpet... unless he can't see it.

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"You're going to have to pet me in the kitchen, because I'm not coming out there."

Everyone says that you’re supposed to face your fears, but sometimes it’s better if you can’t see them at all. That’s the approach Artie the Labrador Retriever has taken when it comes to handling his biggest nightmare: the living room carpet.

In a YouTube video posted by DailyPicksandFlicks, the sweet looking dog seems to be fine when he’s standing on the kitchen’s tiled floor, but when he’s called to the next room — and onto that terrifying deep pile disaster — he loses his nerve.

But rather than close his eyes, scrunch up his face and hope for the best, he just backs into the room, figuring out that maybe if he can’t see the carpet, he isn’t actually on it.

Sometimes you just got to face your fears rear end on.

Sometimes you just got to face your fears rear end on.

Who knows what caused his carpet-related phobia, but at least he’s found a way to get past it, literally. The next time you’re forced to do something that scares you, maybe you could try approaching it backwards. Unless you’re afraid of driving on the interstate.

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