Dog Figures Out How To Climb Up On Counter, Is Super Proud Of Himself

The image of the happy dog sparked photos of other people's dogs on counters.

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When your dog looks so proud of himself that you can't get mad at him for being on the counter. Via B-Ray/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

Like probably many of you, I’ve had several dogs over the years. One decided it’d be a good idea to chew up the doors. Another chose to rip up the carpet we’d put in just two days earlier. None, however, ever climbed on top of the counters. (Though the Cocker Spaniel I had did bolt into the kitchen every time he heard the toaster. He loved bread.)

For the dog owners whose canine companions can’t keep away from the counters, the issue can be a difficult one. How do you keep your dog off the counters? Well, for one thing, don’t leave a step stool out.

A dog owner named Brian tweeted a photo of his dog, Cooper, standing on top of the kitchen counter with the caption, “So my mom left the step stool in front of the counter… ”

Cooper, though probably not allowed to be hanging out up there, looks so proud of himself in the photograph that there’s no way anyone could be mad at him. Just look at that face!

The tweet has since sparked 14,804 likes and 6,763 retweets. Not only do people like the image of proud Cooper and his kitchen counter climbing skills, they’re also sharing their own photos of their dogs on counters and tables.

Boomer climbed up on the table presumably looking for food.

And this counter-surfing Beagle knows there’s a snack there somewhere.

Thank you, Cooper, for starting a movement. If you catch your dog on the table or counter, be sure to snap a photo of him and share it with us.

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