DOG FANCY Readers Bark Back

Here’s what DOG FANCY readers had to say about our recent issue.

Great Griffons
I enjoyed your article on the Brussels Griffon, (“Wily and wiry,” December 2008). We adore our rough-coated Griff. She is 12 and an amazing therapy and hospice dog. We bought her at age 5 from a breeder. What a joy older dogs can be!

We then went back and bought her daughter. Abu is so sweet and loving, but is constantly in trouble and getting into things. She is just as the article says: sweet like a spaniel, fiery like a terrier. We call Abu and her mother “The Griffy Girls.”
Debbie Myers
Cochranton, Pa

Thank you for the wonderful article on the Brussels, but where are the pictures of the smooth coats? 

We love our wonderful, unique little guy, but people rarely recognize Max as a Brussels. He is often mistaken for a Pug or a Pug mix. The smooth coats really do look like a different breed!
Angie Henderson
Clackamas, Ore.

Raw-meat advocate
I have been reading your magazine for a long time, and I have learned a lot. However, I do have an issue with the negative remarks made about raw meat and raw bones. My dogs are on a raw diet consisting of mainly raw, meaty bones, muscle meat, and a few organs.

Mine and many other dogs are thriving on this diet, solving health problems in many animals, and promoting an overall healthier lifestyle. The chances of Salmonella or E. Coli affecting the dogs are very slim as long as the meat is handled the same way it would be handled for a human. And bones that cause obstructions and such are generally cooked, making them more brittle and harder to digest. I have been waiting and hoping you guys would do an article on raw feeding, but all I ever find is negatives on the subject. It is very disappointing.
Narina Simmons
Owasso, Okla.

Happy to see Huskies
Thank you so much for featuring the Siberian Husky on your December cover. This is truly a beautiful, wonderful, lovable, and awesome breed. I was so excited to see the best issue of DOG FANCY I’ve read in a while in my mailbox. I lost my 3-month-old Siberian Husky puppy last April, and it was nice to sit down with my new Siberian Husky and look at the magazine with her. Thanks again, and I hope to see more wonderful breeds on your cover!
Bethany Sloan
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