DOG FANCY May 2013

Meet the playful Pomeranian and see the features inside the April issue of DOG FANCY.


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Dogs Behaving Baddly

Proactively identif and prevent aggression issues between dogs with help from the dog behavior cener. More>>

Meet the Breeds

Want to learn more about this month’s featured breeds? 

An inquisitive extrovert, the Pomeranian makes friends wherever it goes. It’s the smallest member of the spitz family of dogs, with the characteristic prick ears, a pointed muzzle and a plumed tail carried over the back. This is a dainty, profusely coated little dog that needs gentle daily brushing to keep it mat-free… More>>

  • American English Coonhound
    Many regard this breed as the quintessential hunting companion, as it still retains a strong instinct for trailing raccoon, fox and other game as it was originally intended. The breed is affectionate and friendly, but fearless and energetic, so regular exercise is a must. It is eager to please and generally easy to train…. More>>

Inside  Dog Fancy



Bugs Away

10 tips to keep fleas, ticks and heartworms at bay.

Keeping the Peace

Eary trainn and caustions awareness can help avert dofights.

Behind the lense

How four top dog photographers capture unforgettable images. 

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