DOG FANCY February 2013

Meet the Havanese and brush up on your dog's dental care in this "loveable" issue od DOG FANCY.


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Havanese- Gina Cioli, Bowtie StudiosDOG FANCY Cover Shoot Video: Havanese

Ever wonder how the editors of DOG FANCY get that perfect cover shot? Get an inside look at the February issue of DOG FANCY and learn about the Havanese. More>>

Dog Dental Infographic

Keep your dog smiling with our doggie dental center. See our guide to oral health and brushing your dog’s teeth. More>>

Brush Up!

Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth and more in our dog dental care center. More>>

Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts

The Blind Dog Rescue Organization has helped hundreds of abused and neglected dogs find their way to loving homes. More>> 

I Love My Pup!

View the gallery of online entries from our Valentine-themed photo contest. More>>

Valentine eCards

Send the special someone in your life a little love this Valentine’s Day. Check out our dog-themed Valentines eCards. More>> 

Something to Bark About

Does your dog bark at traffic, people, squirrels, or other things she frequently encounters? Consistently for more than two to three minutes? Enough that neighbors complain? Read more>> 

Meet the Breeds

Want to learn more about this month’s featured breeds? 

The Havanese is a member of the Bichon family of small companion-dog breeds. Pampered pets they were considered a status symbol. in Cuba for many years.  Today the breed’s following is based in the United States. Havanese owners cherish these comedic and spirited dogs… More>>

  • Newfoundland
    The Newfie is a robust, family-loving dog, equally at home in the water and on land. This large, strong, active dog is capable of heavy work, yet the breed’s gentleness, even temper and devotion make the Newfundland an ideal companion for child or adult… More>>
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