DOG FANCY Editors’ Choice Winners 2012

Find out which dog products we chose as the best of 2012.

DOG FANCY EditorsThis year we received a record number of new product submissions for our Editors’ Choice judging, and they were bigger, better, and so impressive. But we dove right in, and began sorting and evaluating. The results of all this hard work are 12 products we thought were deserving of this honor. We hope you love them, too!

Dog Product Reviews from Ernie Slone, DOG FANCY Editor

Welcome MatFrosty Bowlz Deluxe

My terriers love cool water, and FrostyBowlz keeps it refreshingly chilled for many hours. It’s easy to freeze the FrostyCore and place it inside the stainless-steel bowl. Even outdoors on hot days, the frozen center keeps the water cold, and the natural ant barrier is a big plus.”

$17.99 (small), $24.99 (medium), $29.99 (large), from Talega Products; 877-431-3727; Website>>


Welcome MatThe Amazing Mat

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could train your dog to wipe his paws at the door? Well, you can’t. My terriers seem to compete to see who can track in the most dirt, leaves, and debris, so our floors don’t stay clean for long. But The Amazing Mat stops the dirt in their tracks. The floor mat has removable antibacterial ‘sticky’ sheets that clean their paws as they enter. It comes with 30 sheets, so when the top sheet gets dirty, you just peel it off for a fresh sheet. Smart.”

$29.95 (introductory price), from The Ultimate Mat Co.; 855-426-9628; Website>>

Curvations dog carrierCurvations Underseat Traveler

“Frequent travelers already have enough baggage to contend with, so the compact and versatile new Curvations Underseat Traveler is just the ticket for hassle-free air or auto transport with your Yorkie, Chihuahua, or puppy. Perfect for small dogs up to 10 pounds, the low-profile design fits neatly under an airline seat and just looks fashion forward. Plus, it offers 360-degree ventilation for safety and comfort. The carrier is washable and folds down for easy stowing. It’s available in a gray or brown polka dot pattern.”

89.99, from Petmate; Website>>

Dog Product Reviews from Annamaria Barajas, DOG FANCY Managing Editor


Bionic ToysBionic Toys

“Lots of dog toys claim to be indestructible, but the Bionic line of toys really is! We tested it out on Jager, a black Miniature Poodle who can destroy most toys within a matter of minutes, despite his small size. True to the claim, the Bionic toys stood up to Jager’s jaws of steel, and he’s still playing with them to this day. The toys come in four fun shapes, and I love that they’re dishwasher safe and can be recycled when it’s finally time to retire the toys.”

$11.99 to $19.99, from Bionic Pet Products; Website>>


Sunflower dog bowlSunflower

“It’s not often that a product is both stylish and functional, but this accurately describes the Sunflower bowl. I was so impressed with this product because it really stays put while dogs eat or drink from it. No matter how much I pushed, this bowl just wouldn’t budge, so you know that your dog won’t travel across the room while he eats his dinner. The Sunflower will look attractive in your home, and because it’s made with food-grade, BPA-free plastic, it’s safe for your dog, too.”

$24.95, from ModaPet;


Kick FetchKick Fetch

“Playing fetch will never be the same now that the Kick Fetch is around. This soccer ball-sized toy was designed to appeal to dogs’ herding and chasing instincts. With its bright colors and funky grooved design, this toy rolls exceptionally well and is easy for your dog to pick up and bring back to you over and over again. I can see medium to large dogs really having a blast with this toy.”

$29.99, from Canine Hardware Inc.; Website>>



Dog Product Reviews from Katie Ingmire, DOG FANCY Associate Editor  

dog water fountainDrinkwell Zen Fountain

“I love the Drinkwell fountain I have one at home, so I was excited to find out about this new, stylish offering from PetSafe. With its extra-wide, free-falling stream and broad, stainless-steel bowl, the one-gallon fountain not only entices dogs to drink more, but is designed so your pooch can easily drink from it. The product promotes cleanliness, too. A three-layer charcoal filter helps remove bad odors and tastes from the water, and the constant circulation keeps bacteria from growing between cleanings.”

$89.99, from PetSafe; Website>>


dog car seatAir Ride Booster Seat

“Safety is perhaps the most important thing to consider when your dog rides in a vehicle, but a view outside the window may be his top priority, so I was excited to see a product that combines the two. The easily inflatable booster seat holds dogs up to 30 pounds, goes directly on top of your vehicle’s seat, and attaches directly to a seat belt. It features a padded bottom, too, so your dog can ride in comfort to wherever you want to go.”

$79.99, from Kurgo; Website>>


VacuumTotal Floors Pet Vacuum

“Considering the amount of shed pet hair that makes its way into my carpeting, I jumped at the chance to try out this new Bissell vacuum, and was quickly impressed by how multifunctional it was. The vacuum sucked up a ton of pet hair, and its odor-eliminating Febreze filter left my home with a fresh, pleasant scent. Its multi-surface design meant I could safely vacuum both carpets and hard floors, too. Additionally, the vacuum’s Pet TurboEraser Tool and Pet Hair Fabric Tool helped picked up hair on a variety of surfaces in my home — not just carpeting.”

$139.99, from Bissell Homecare Inc.; Website>>

Dog Product Reviews from Samantha Goldstein, Managing Web Editor


Bike rackSidekick Bike Rack

“Looking to take a two-wheel ride with your four-legged friend? The Sidekick Bike Rack makes bike riding with your bud a breeze. Unlike other bike-basket options that attach to your handle bars, the Sidekick attaches to the bike over the front tire, making it an extremely stable ride. The bike rack works with any carrier. I also like that when you are not toting your dog, the bike rack functions as a carrier for your purse, books, and bags.”

$124.99, from Sleepypod; Website>>


dog toyWhirl-a-Bone, Tug-a-Bone, Peek-a-Bone

“Toys with a twist! If your dog is looking for a challenge, check out these Brainy Bones puzzle toys. With a variety of styles, these toys allow you to hide treats in new and unusual ways. They have rotating hatches and hidden compartments, so your dog will have to use his noggin to discover the secrets of these toys. Not for the easily defeated, these treat-dispensing toys are great for the dog who will work for food. Sturdy and stimulating, these boredom busters will provide hours of fun.”

$8.99 to $11.99, from Brainy Bones Co.; Website>>


dog shammySoggy Doggy Super Shammy

“Tired of finding dog hair on your towels? Now you can pamper your pooch and make at-home grooming a good time for all with the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. The unique design not only soaks up messes with more efficiency than a regular towel, but also has pockets built in to help you get a better grip while trying to dry a wiggling dog. Great for baths, beach cleanup, feet wiping, or rainy days, when you are done, simply drop it in the washing machine or fluff it in the dryer. I don’t know if this is true of every dog, but our tester seemed to thoroughly enjoy the rubdown experience. And, this product was so incredibly soft, I contemplated keeping it for myself.”

$19.99, from Soggy Doggy Productions LLC; Website>>

MEET OUR RESCUE MODELS For the third year in a row, the Irvine Animal Care Center has provided us with doggie models for the Editors’ Choice photo shoot. We were amazed at how well-behaved the dogs were! We are also happy to report that four of the dogs have been adopted. Plus, all the products we received for judging will be donated to this award-winning Southern California shelter, which through its Third Chance program transfers pets from animal shelters across Southern California and places them in permanent, loving homes. pumba and timon blackjack hershey Lindsay


diego garson Berlioz

(From left to right, Top row: Honey, Lindsay, Black Jack, Hershey; Bottom row: Diego, Garson, Berlioz)


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